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IT Contractor Services

Temporary IT Staffing for Your Projects


Companies are experiencing digital transformations across all industries. The need for experienced temporary IT contractors to compliment organization’s IT workforce has never been greater. Temporary IT staffing is a perfect solution for short-term access to skilled IT professionals to help supplement seasonal workloads. These are skilled professionals who are employed on a short-term basis.

More than 96 percent of eXcell IT contract hires complete their engagements as expected. High consultant retention starts with great recruiting. We set our consultants up for success right from the start by precisely aligning their career goals and skills with the right positions for them. We pay our consultants competitive market rates to ensure that they won’t abandon their assignment for a better offer.

IT Staff Augmentation Statistics

25+ Years

of experience delivering IT Talent


Assignment Completion

3 to 1

Hiring Ratio

24 - 48

Hours to receive resumes in hand

Seamless IT Contractor Transitions

eXcell views offboarding and re-engagement as equally important as onboarding. The goal of our offboarding process is to minimize disruptions to your operations, while providing a successful and legally sound ending to each engagement. Before the end of the engagement, eXcell’s employee relationship managers provide career counseling and re-engagement assistance to our IT contractors.

On average, approximately 75 percent of eXcell consultants are reengaged on assignments with other clients. We facilitate complete knowledge transfer between entering and exiting consultants to ensure maximum business continuity for you. During the exit interview process, more than 90 percent of our consultants report that they were satisfied with eXcell, our client and their role.


The Right IT Temp Agency

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